About Us

    By Designers

Eris Hosting is a hosting company by designers. Our parent company, Discordia Studios, is a design firm that offers clients all types of design services, from web page development, graphic design and corporate identity, to PC and workstation design. To best serve their clients needs, Eris Hosting was born.
That means they trust our service for their clients, and it shows. We get to focus on providing only the best hosting service that we possibly can, but we bring Discordia Studios' custom philosophy to the world of hosting. We proudly offer various packages built to suit different needs, but we also know that sometimes, one-size just doesnt fit. This is why we encourage everyone to get in touch.

All the options, all the time!

Unlike other hosting companies, we believe that our company's growth is best acheived by helping our clients grow. We are more than happy to mix-and-match, to create a custom plan based on your needs. We're sure that we can offer whatever you need, and do it without up-selling you or forcing you to pay ridiculous renewal fees.
Many other hosts want to draw you in with low introductory rates, but only if you purchase long terms of service, and then charge you double, or even triple, to renew. Eris doesn't do this. We offer the same prices to renew, or less if you purchase longer hosting periods, so you always know what to expect.

Quality Service!

We take pride in offering our clients a quality hosting experience. Our servers are well-maintained in a top-of-the-line secure datacenter. We even take part in one of the largest green initiatives in the country, trying to use renewable energy where ever possible.
But where we really leap ahead is our customer service. Eris Hosting is always here for you, no matter what it is you need. You can call, email, or use our chat and support ticket system at any time, any day of the week. We're happy to answer questions, help find you a plan that works, or even, unlike other hosts, help you get started.
We have the resources of Discordia Studios as well, so our clients also have the ability to access their free services and paid services at a heavy discount. Eris Hosting has it all, and we want to give it to you.


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